Simple Fun Toys with Positive Vibes

For the kid in all of us! NSFW buttons® are witty adult themed stress relief desk toys that play rib-tickling sounds when pressed. They’re a great way to add play time to any room, a counter, a cubicle, an office, a dorm room, your room, your friend’s room, or any fun place!

Our game plan has always been simple: deliver exclusive buttons with the highest quality sound possible. All are design originals, having created the first ever WTF, Dammit, Bitch, and the gone too far NSFW button. The highly entertaining sounds come from some amazing sources, including voice actors, musicians, TV personalities, models, and even professional football stars!

With a team of experienced writers and engineers, we produce crisp audio for each button using a secret technique, ensuring a superior final product. Every button plays multiple cuts that are always clear, vibrant, and – quite often – hysterically funny.

As great as NSFW buttons sound, we take great pride in making them visually appealing as well, with eye-catching colors and handcrafted graphics, making them the perfect fit for any desk, shelf, or table.

Innovating new products, insisting on the highest quality, and striving each day to bring a little more joy into the world. No wonder we love what we do, and why we invite you to…

Treat yourself AND your Desk to Adult FUN! 🙂