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Douche button - edgy Adult sound bites with bold desk-toy attitude!

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  • Perfect for game rooms and other fantastic places to display a desk toy, the Douche button is ready to respond to your every need with the perfect amount of Douchey coolness! And certainly not meant for kids.
  • Douchebags quake in fear! The Douche button combines a bit of naughty fun with the satisfaction of a verbal BLAST each and every time you press it!
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NSFW buttons®
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The Douche! button

  • For people who like the rare, the strange and Funtastic! The DOUCHE! button is crazy silly adult sense of humor for any desk!
  • It plays six edgy "Douche" words, with varied vocal styles for all out silliness anywhere you want
  • When life gets douche-y, press your DOUCHE! button! Simple, yet effectively FUN!
  • Smile to Relieve Stress with one press! You'll hear really funny audio recorded by amazing non-douche voice actors
  • Simple In your face black and white graphics, it doesn't get cooler than that!
  • Kick-ass combo: Pair the Douche button up with the Fuck Yeah or Bitch button for a super-excellent Awesome adult Fun time whenever you press them together! 

Product Description

"Laughter is the best medicine" right? And we all know Douchebags, Douches, and Douche-nozzles SUCK! But…THIS button Doesn't! The DOUCHE! button features male and female voices saying the word, "Douche!", with different styles and terrific tones…so silly, you gotta hear this! You'll want to press again and again! They make really Awesome gifts for that friend with a nicely naughty sense of humor! Need some edgy humor for your home office? Got a boss with a dirty yet fun sense of humor? Need some decorations for your perfect man-cave? The DOUCHE! button is perfect for you!

Add one to your collection today! Professional voice actors provide the sound of each button, uniquely created using a secret edit technique. Expertly crafted audio perfection plays with every press! This time, you're gonna wanna get DOUCHED over! Its an Original, SO, Pick up a DOUCHE! button and spread silly laughter into your world!

Adult FUN at the press of a button!